Jan. 22nd, 2014

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Appeal to the Ukrainian summit in Europe, the USA, Switzerland , community and religious organizations for which the rights and freedoms is crucial value
We appeal to people of all civilized countries , human rights activists , scholars in cultural leadership to encourage their countries to take immediate sanctions on Ukrainian authorities and stop shooting civilians cynical Ukrainian .
We have millions of Ukrainian citizens, ask your immediate assistance. Now in the center of the largest countries in Europe, representatives of security agencies cynically shot with firearms our husbands and children who came to defend their freedom. Currently with the tacit consent of the European Community was shot three people . Against desperate unarmed people was used firearms sighting guns at the moment , hundreds of people were seriously injured. Security forces demolished medical center (with opiznavalnymy marks) Medical Service Staff of national resistance to the street. Hrushevskoho .
We look forward to your prompt governments harsh sanctions against the bloody money that the Yanukovych harboring banks in your country . Because of your passive contemplative criminal government that trampled Ukrainian rule of law, the Constitution and laws, is able to rest in foreign hotels, teach your children entertained by the people of the stolen money. They hold the power to kidnap people , torture activists and peaceful protesters , journalists shoot , beat doctors, aiming to kill unarmed people.
Dear representatives of the governments of Europe , remember that omission as a crime. The authorities feel unpunished , they are convinced that Europe and the United States will not use them any sanctions and resort to repression, allow themselves to be tortured Ukrainian . If appropriate action in relation to visa restrictions, seizure of accounts and assets were taken in time , our people would stay alive and not crippled . Continue the policy of non-interference in a time when people are dying in the streets - is immoral.
Without effective assistance of democracies that able to influence the Ukrainian government, escalating conflict is inevitable. The latter limit - use firearms against insurgent people are overcome : the first is killed in the confrontation . Tomorrow cure victims can go for hundreds because people do not depart from the struggle for freedom . We are talking not about ideological or civilizational choice of the state of Ukraine , but the peace and tranquility of 45 million people. The country is teetering on the brink of civil war, the result of which would be a humanitarian disaster , chaos and disorder in the heart of Europe.
Criminal authorities , who lost any moral authority in their own people while controlling the power structures and they help people trying to suppress opposition . However, living in captivity , we will not !
Still not too late to stop violence before it passed into uncontrollable channel. If you do not help in Ukraine will be civil strife , massive bloodshed , the collapse of the country, the consequences of which stretch for decades.
If you care about human dignity and the right, where freedom and democracy for you is not an empty word - beg you, save the Ukrainian authorities of crime before it's too late - stop the bloodshed, effective IMMEDIATELY Apply effective sanctions . Persuade Yanukovych and his team made no sense - you can see this already . We are waiting for urgent action , time has been going for hours ! !

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Я не верил, что нас пропустят на Майдан Незалежности: люди чуть ли не к революции готовятся, а мы — машинки пофотографировать! Опасаясь за сохранность Джетты (это был единственный автомобиль, который мы пригнали из Москвы, а три остальных — Mazda 3, Honda Civic и Toyota Corolla — нам предоставили в Киеве), я снял с машины российские номера, рюкзак с компьютером запихнул поглубже в багажник, фотоаппарат прикрыл курткой...

А потом стало неловко за такую перестраховку. Возможно, потому что именно в этот момент на Майдане были заняты приготовлением обеда, а не революции. Для нас раздвинули баррикады — и даже выделили трех сопровождающих. Вокруг дымили трубы полевых кухонь, а люди чистили картофель в промышленных масштабах. Все открыты, миролюбивы и очень рады общению.

— Машины сравниваете? А хотите, мы вам багажники в дровах измерим? Кто победит, тот и будет лучшим автомобилем для Майдана.

А вскоре, уже когда мы с нашими экспертами вернулись в Москву, на Майдане стало жарко. Не знаю, чем все закончится, но ясно, что сюда не скоро вернется тот дух свободы, которым можно было согреться и даже попробовать на вкус, — это как котелок с горячей картошкой, протянутый мне незнакомым человеком.

Originaly posted:журнал "Авторевю"

З.І. Братня підтримка буває різною ;-)


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